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Mexican Border

Our Border and Illegal Immigrants

Open Letter to President Biden


Dear President Biden,

The United States and Americans happily welcome people who choose to legally immigrate into our country. These immigrants are vetted through a thorough process. We know who they are.  They are coming to contribute to our society and will not become a burden to the system. 

Many who enter are military aged men, from countries all over the world.

The vast numbers of illegal immigrants flowing across our Southern Border have created a national security threat to the United States.  What is happening at our Southern Border is an invasion. Cities across the country are buckling from the steady, large numbers of illegal immigrants, taxing our resources. Delaware is no exception. Since your Administration took office in 2021, over 9+ MILLION illegal immigrants have crossed our Southern Border. That number is equivalent to 9 times the population of Delaware! 


Our President and elected leaders’ primary responsibility is to protect the citizenry and our borders.  The Department of Homeland Security has been sounding the alarm since 2022, but not one in your Administration is listening.  While billions of dollars flow to Ukraine to protect their borders, the Biden Administration refuses to take action to protect the American people.  They simply don’t care and have made it clear that when it comes to Americans, we may pay the bill but we come dead last, if at all.  


Your Administration has spent millions of dollars each year, paid to non-governmental agencies (NGOs) to pay to transport illegal immigrants throughout the country. Many would describe that as human trafficking.  We can only surmise that the 100,000 unaccompanied minor children, the “missing,” and “origins unknown” who have crossed the border since 2021, may truly be at risk for child sex trafficking.


While the Administration fuels this crisis, using Americans’ hard earned tax dollars to “fund” this catastrophe, the crushing impact on cities and communities throughout the country results in increased crime, fentanyl poisoning deaths, increased housing cost, food costs, etc.  Dollars that should be spent on Americans’ needs have instead been dismissed and redirected towards illegal immigrants.  In New York we saw a school closed to students, with little notice, in order to prioritize illegal immigrants’ shelter.

This is an invasion. It is intentional.  It is creating chaos, devastation and lawlessness across our nation.  It must stop. What will you do, Mr. President?


Michele Sylvester


February 2024


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