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We all know that the Delaware's economy is abysmal. But do you know WHY??? At the core of the issue, is philosophy, the underlying basic philosophy of the people who are in control of the Party in Power in Delaware. This philosophy is not logical, not thoughtful nor respectful and is emotional and short-sighted. For Democrats, it's all about Climate Change, spend more with less, while ignoring rising crime and declining education performance. This philosophy style is akin to handing over the family finances, investments and credit cards, to your teenager. If you did that at your home, what do you think would happen? Of course, it depends on the teen, but I'm not talking about the mature thoughtful teen that is the outlier. I'm talking about the impulsive feel good, sofa surfing, online streaming/shopping, rebel without a cause teen.


What would Delaware look like if it were run by kids?

Well, for one, would this teen stay within his means, his budget? We'll call him Delvin. Delmar would be better name, but I don't want to insult actual Delmar, Delaware. So, if given access to a huge bank account without parental oversight, what would Delvin do?


What might a teen do with 1 billion dollars?

One, he'd probably spend, spend, spend. He has a credit card with what seems like unlimited funds, over FIVE BILLION dollars worth of funds! And to top it off, he got another ONE BILLION dollars from his uncle, Uncle Sam. Teens being what they are, he'd share his newfound wealth, with his friends! Give $100 to a teen and he'd likely get a pizza for his buddies while they purchase and enjoy a new online game. Everybody gets a slice! And that is exactly what Delaware has done. Delaware received almost one billion dollars from the federal government in COVID relief and instead of investing that money in infrastructure, or support for our health care system, or increasing aid to mentally ill, or providing a tax refund, Delaware has divvied up this pizza pie and spent a huge chunk on such items as mail-in-ballots and is now further doling out this one-time bonus by creating more STATE jobs, State jobs that will perpetuate, long after the bonus funds have been used up. State jobs are not organically created jobs, jobs that will provide for a small business entrepreneur, their family and employees, and in turn generate a benefit and even revenue back to the State in the form of goods, services and taxes. State jobs will suck up even more taxes from taxpayers in Delaware. And State jobs are the jobs that keep taking. Not only do taxpayers have to pay State employees' salaries, health benefits and 6 weeks' vacation time, and 12 weeks family leave time, but taxpayers get to pay lifetime pensions and healthcare benefits too. Talk about being on the hook for expenses! That would be like our friend Devlin taking out a huge mortgage on a mansion after winning a one-time lottery win, banking on the hope that he'll win the lottery again to continue to pay for it all. And how often does that happen? That's right, never.


  • FACT Delaware's budget is $5.6 billion dollars.

  • FACT Delaware Democrats passed the 2024 budget that is $500 million dollars higher yet brings in $200 million LESS in revenue. Can YOU do this? Neither can our State government! Democrat spending is UNSUSTAINABLE!

  • FACT Delaware Democrats passed a 2024 budget to increase spending by 13% higher, well over twice the rate of inflation. That's $14,736 per household. Can you afford to pay $14,736 more?? Can your neighbor?

  • FACT Delaware Democrats claim fiscal responsibility while increasing spending at over twice the rate of inflation.


So, what happens when Devlin has to pay the monthly bill that comes rolling in, and the funds are not in the bank account to cover it? Does he go out and get a job, does he come up with a new innovative way to generate funds, like creating a concept such as encouraging incorporation in Delaware to generate funds in perpetuity? If he were an adult he would, but Devlin is not an adult. So, what can he do? Ask his parents for more money to increase his "allowance"! And where will this money come from? YOUR pockets, the taxpayers of Delaware. If Governor Carney's Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Cerron Cade, has stated that Delaware's current spending and income deficit is unsustainable (Delaware Chamber of Commerce Retreat, Nov 2023), what do you think is coming next? Now for those, who say, "Well Delaware taxes are already so low, and we shouldn't mind digging deeper and paying more taxes"; I say, go ahead, put your money literally where your mouth is and write a check today to the Division of Revenue of Delaware, and make it a big one. But for the rest of Delawareans, who are being hit hard by inflation, who are living paycheck to paycheck, they can't afford to pay 13% more! If you can, congratulations. But for 61% of Delawareans, they can't!


  • FACT one third of Delaware’s population is on Medicaid. This is not sustainable. Yet Delaware Democrat lawmakers voted to expand services with less revenue.

  • FACT the rising cost of everything is costing the average Delawarean $7,100 in inflation and falling wages. Remember the promise of inflation reduction? Democrats forgot that. Now it’s time to forget them in 2024.

  • FACT 61% of Americans to live paycheck to paycheck.


Now, I am not an economic expert, but maybe I am, because I've learned to understand what I can and can't afford to pay at the end of the month. And Devlin has not. And unlike Devlin, I can't ask society to give me more money when I overspend. But Devlin can, and he will. Devlin WILL increase taxes. Now what SHOULD Devlin do? Wait for it, wait for it..... CUT SPENDING!!! Not the long reaching sustainable solution to all of Delaware's missteps and pending economic collapse, but it is STEP ONE. STOP spending what you can't afford, Devlin. Cut the Paid Family Leave Act which will cost X? dollars, cut the EV mandates with tax-payer funded rebates, and cut the grant gifts too. Tighten that belt until we get this overspending under control.


Another tidbit I learned from my high school economy class, is to NOT raise taxes when there is a recession. Wait, what, what recession?


  • FACT Delaware is in a real recession!


Delaware's real economy shrank by 14.2%! (CRI) since 2009, Delaware has had five recessions compared to one in the rest of the country. (CRI).


So, in Delaware we've got a shrinking economy that has been going on since 2009. Note, the current party in power took over in 2008, coincidence? I think not. In comparison to the rest of the country, Delaware is faring worse, much worse. And we are projected to get even worse and sink further into unsustainability. One third of our population lives on government assistance, and that is projected to increase further. To what, one half, two thirds of the population? What happens when everyone is either a government dependent, government employee or taxed into poverty by the government? What is that called? Totalitarianism. And then what happens? "Those in poverty will devolve into criminals and wreak further havoc on the economy and wellbeing of the State. People will turn to black markets and illegal services." - BP, 16 years old (not your typical teen). Sounds like fun.


OK, Devlin, I think we've seen enough. Enough since 2008 that you've had the reigns of the Delaware's economy. Grade F minus, squared. It's time for change, Delaware, before we can't. Vote out the party in party. Tell your friends.

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Would you like to become more involved in shaping the leadership and direction of the Republican Party in Sussex County? Become and Election District Captain!

Fill out this form and email it to or bring it to our next meeting.

Do you want to get more involved locally? The 38th District spans from Bethany to Millville to Selbyville and Fenwick. YOU can make a difference!

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