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​Welcome to the 38th District Republican Club! 


Emails will be sent to members announcing the date, time, and location of forthcoming meetings. Just Subscribe below to our electronic Newsletter for Updates. 


Our meetings provide you with an opportunity to hear, first-hand, what is happening in Dover, both inside and outside Legislative Hall. You will get a chance to talk directly with your state elected representatives, be informed on issues of the day, and find out how you can help promote the Republican agenda.

When election time comes around, the Club provides valuable support for our local candidates for state office. Members may assist in any of several ways. Candidates always appreciate financial contributions. But that is only one way to be helpful. If you care about preserving and improving our Sussex County and Delaware lifestyle, you can make your presence felt through the Club.

If you’d like to join us, please fill out the application to register.

Join The 38th District Republican Club!

Thanks for registering.



Become an Election District Captain (EDC). The EDC is the life blood of the Republican party in Delaware. The EDC is the boots on the ground, finger on the pulse of what voters think and feel and get out of the vote machine that we need to win elections! EDCs help with door knocking, sharing information, attend County and State Republican Party events and Conventions, and shape the direction and future of the Party in Delaware. Yep, they're that important! Are you ready to take a stand and get involved in politics at the local level? Then become an EDC by filling out the form above and checking the box.

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