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38th Participates in Georgetown Hispanic Festival

Julianne Murray for Attorney General Hispanic Festival Georgetown DE
Julianne Murray was prepared with Flyers in Spanish

This past Sunday 9/18/2022 several members of the 38th District Republican Club, PAC and supporters of Julianne Murray for Attorney General took on the challenge and adventure of participating in the Georgetown Hispanic Festival in support of our Republican candidates, Julianne Murray for Attorney General and Lee Murphy for U.S. Congress.

Julianne Murray for Attorney General
Attendees connected with Julianne Murray's stance of Public Safety

Our members manned our RED Republican tent from 10am to 5pm and we talked and connected with MANY Spanish speaking people from various parts of Central and South American who were new citizens, on the path to citizenship and the newly arrived AND their children! I cannot emphasize enough how rewarding this experience was for those of us who got to try our "hand" at speaking Spanish or connecting on a more basic level of smiles and friendship as we handed out U.S. flag stickers, flyers in Spanish, patriotic pencils and erasers and playing games with the festival attendees. Roseanne even brought corn hole for prizes!

What was REALLY surprising and encouraging was the very positive reception we received from the Hispanic community, how many supported and agreed with republican and conservative ideals. Two years ago when we attended this festival easily 99% of attendees were blatantly in support of the Democrat party. This year was a 180 in that the majority of attendees we spoke with supported the Republican party! I am so encouraged by this turn, because it is the Hispanic community that can benefit the most by electing Republican candidates so that they may benefit the most from small business friendly legislation, family friendly legislation and the support of student education vs indoctrination.

Julianne Murry for Attorney General at Hispanic Festival Georgetown
Handing out pencils, erasers, patriotic stickers and bracelets was a great way to connect with attendees

Our tent was SO busy ALL day long, with so many children and parents coming to stop by and talk with us and go away with a US sticker and a smile. And it helped that we had our own chihuahua petting zoo with Amanda and Benny! Tripp from Fenwick Island even connecting with some folks about business opportunities! This year the Democrat party also had a table, and I NEVER saw one person stop by!

Governor DeSantis may have attempted to send more illegal citizens to Georgetown in response to the overwhelming immigration crisis border states are facing, but if it does happen, I am OK with welcoming this incredible group of people who also want to experience the American dream, to have their own financial freedom, create a livelihood, support their family, educate their children, and contribute to our Delaware society. What we DO need is a clear PATH to citizenship so that these folks can become legal, pay taxes, and integrate into our United States. Next year during Hispanic Month, I hope YOU will come and volunteer at our 38th District Republican Club, PAC booth at the Georgetown Hispanic Festival! And I'm sure our newly elected Delaware State Attorney General Julianne Murray will stop by as well!

Do you live in the 38th District in Sussex County Delaware and are a Republican or thinking about becoming a Republican? Come to our next meeting! Our next meeting will be held on Monday, September 26th 630pm at the Bethany South Coastal Library, 43 Kent Avenue, Bethany Beach. Our club is open to new members who support Republican ideals.

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