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Next Meeting Home Title Theft Protection with Julianne Murray

Please save the date for our next 38th District Republican Club meeting, to be held on Monday April 24th, 6:00 p.m. meet and greet, meeting start at 6:30 p.m., at the South Coastal Library in Bethany Beach. Our featured speaker will be former Gubernatorial candidate, Julianne Murray, Esq. Julianne Murray will be speaking on the topic of home title theft protection, and other relevant home ownership legal topics. This should be intriguing information so please plan to attend. You can forward any question you may have for Julianne Murray now by emailing .

Save Our Schools Town Hall

Also, please try to attend the Statewide townhall meeting in Sussex on education in Delaware, "Save Our Schools", on Wednesday, April 19th, 6:30 pm, at Sussex Central High School. 26026 Patriots Way, Georgetown, DE 19947. We will meet at Hockers on 17 at 5:45 pm to carpool. Please email if you wish to carpool .

These town halls will examine four issues facing parents, students, and citizens: Academic Achievement, Parental Rights, School Safety, and Funding.

Each town hall will feature a panel of experts who will address attendees and answer questions. The panels will include Dr. Tanya Hettler, PhD, from the Caesar Rodney Institute, Julia Zammith from Rodel, Dr. Elana Fishbein, PhD, CEO of NO LEFT TURN, Inc., and Sen. Charles Postles. The town hall meetings are being organized to identify solutions to school issues. Please click on the links above to see what these 3 fantastic organizations are doing.

RSVP online and tell the organizers you are coming so they can keep you posted about the event, and they can plan accordingly. Save our Schools Town Hall – Citizens For Delaware Schools ( This is a POWER HOUSE combination of expert speakers from top education organizations, don't miss this meeting!!

Joint 38th/41st Police Chiefs Meeting

Members have requested that we invite our local police chiefs to our meeting. Ask and you shall receive! Mark your calendars to attend the Joint 38th and 41st Republican Clubs on Monday, May 1, 6:30 p.m. to hear from our Ocean View Police Chief, Ken McLaughlin, and Millsboro Police Chief, David Moyer. This meeting will be located at the Indian River Senior Center, 214 Irons Ave, Millsboro. We will meet to carpool at Hockers on route 17 at 5:45pm. Please forward your questions/concerns for the police officers prior to the meeting by emailing .

We will also provide info and details on how you may participate in the Back the Blue Car Caravan, to be held on Thursday May 11th, 10 am to 12:30 pm. Please print and post this flyer about town and give to your friends. If you cannot attend the Car Caravan, donations such as cookies, mugs, etc are greatly appreciated! You can print and distribute this flyer:

2023 Back the Blue Caravan flyer
Download DOCX • 324KB

Delaware State Republican Party Convention Saturday April 29th

Not quite the Delaware GOP Convention but close

The Candidates:

Chairman Jane Brady Julianne Murray

Vice-Chair Jim Weldin

Secretary Brandon Brice

Treasurer Ben Gregg

If you would like to run for any seat, contact the State GOP at . You can also nominate a candidate from the floor on the day of the convention. Don't miss out on this fun and important event as we are all observers of a fair election that adheres to the Delaware State Republican Committee bylaws. Also, email Sussex GOP if you would like to be an impartial observer of the vote counting process .

You must register online to attend the Convention:

When: Saturday, April 29th, 8:15 am Breakfast & Registration, 9:00 am Convention Kick-off. Where: The Modern Maturity Center, banquet room, 1121 Forrest Ave, Dover

Also, there is a Convention Dinner the Friday night before, featuring Kellyanne Conway as keynote speaker! Attending the dinner on Friday night is optional. We will be carpooling both Friday and Saturday. The dinner is also at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover.

When you go online there will be 5 different drop-down options: 1. Dinner only - $90 - does not include Convention 2. VIP Reception with Kellyanne Conway AND Dinner AND Convention - $225 3. VIP Reception with Kellyanne Conway AND Dinner - $175 - does not include Convention 4. Dinner AND Convention - $140 5. Convention only - $50 You can also MAIL your payment to: Republican State Committee of Delaware, PO Box 4746, Wilmington, DE 19807 Also, please purchase your 38th T-shirt to show our 38th solidarity!! Please purchase ASAP as it can take 2 weeks to arrive. Choose "Pick Up Delivery" to avoid shipping charges and you can pick it up from me prior to the convention or I can bring with me to the convention.

Did You Send Your Email to DNREC???

Here's your big chance! DNREC is now accepting your comments, emails, letters, meme's, videos, and attachments for the public record on the EV Mandate, now through May 26. Don't wait that long, start flooding DNREC today! You can send more than one email, please send them daily! Send letters and postcards too! Let DNREC know how WE THE PEOPLE feel about the mandate to outlaw gas powered vehicles!! Learn more here.

ALSO, you can speak at DNREC's virtual Public Hearing, on Wednesday, April 26th, 6:30 p.m. In order to speak via phone publicly, you must pre-register. If selected, you will be given 3 minutes to speak, so prepare your speech and practice it.

Everyone: email, snail mail, daily if you can. And send attachments, videos, memes! When you send an email, cc your representative so they can gauge the public outcry on this.

Send your letters for DNREC Sec. Shawn Garvin!

DNREC's Stance

Section 177 of the Clean Air Act requires that Delaware standards must be “identical to the California standards.” The purpose of the amendments to 7 DE Admin. Code 1140 is to update the adoption by reference of California’s Advance Clean Car II (ACC II) low emission vehicle and greenhouse gas standards and add the requirements for zero emitting vehicles for model year 2027 and beyond. Public hearings provide a formal platform for the public to hear the details of specific matters. They may submit comments before or after the hearing to be incorporated into a formal hearing record.


in order to be given consideration by DNREC, comments must be received before May 26th. So get your comments in NOW!

Written comments on public hearing matters may only be submitted as follows:

1. The online Form: click here for link

You can send attachments

Send memes

Send videos

3. Snail Mail: Send your letters, post cards, as often as you can!

Attn: Theresa Newman

DNREC Office of the Secretary

89 Kings Highway Dover 19901

Written comments are immediately incorporated into the hearing record upon receipt and are posted for public view on the web page dedicated to that particular hearing matter. Please note that comments cannot be withdrawn or retracted after submittal.

Send those letters to DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin!


Those wishing to offer verbal comments during the public hearing must pre-register no later than noon on the day of the hearing to be added to the list of commenters who will be recognized to speak during the comment portion of the hearing. Register Here.

Each commenter is asked to formally identify themselves for the record, and to make their comments as concisely as possible. You will get 3 minutes, so prepare and practice!

If a person has already submitted written comment to the Department for inclusion into the hearing record prior to the hearing, it is already in the record. Therefore, it is not necessary to offer the same comment verbally at the hearing. But you can do both anyway!


The virtual Public Hearing will be held on Wednesday, April 26th, 6:30 p.m. Click here now to register to comment verbally during the hearing. When you select this, PREPARE your 3 minute comment! Register Here to Comment during the Hearing.

If you would like to just listen to the Public Hearing, you may dial this number:


Use Meeting ID 963 6971 8957 and

Passcode 693764.

Any problems with registering to comment contact Janella Sapp at 302-739-9001.


Choose ONE Topic per email/letter/comment to address to DNREC.


DNREC, I do not support the EV mandate that is to be regulated by DNREC.

Delaware air has never been cleaner and Delaware is already fully compliant with Environmental Protection Agency standards. Delaware is NOT California, yet the State legislature has delegated their authority to regulate specific vehicle mandates to DNREC, which plans to follow California EV mandate laws.

It is unconstitutional for the legislature to delegate the authority of law making that is VESTED in the legislature. Article 2 Section 1: The legislative power of this state shall be vested in a general assembly, which shall consist of a Senate and House of representatives.

Delaware air has never been cleaner and Delaware is already fully compliant with Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Many of our citizens are one fixed incomes, are just starting their families and careers, and some are small business owners, who cannot afford the high-ticket price of EV's and this cost should not be redistributed to other Delaware taxpayers.

There are other options for clean vehicular emissions, such as hydrogen fuel cells.

Living in Sussex County, we are vulnerable to evacuation orders and would be stranded if EV's were mandated.

Mandating EV's will cost me my livelihood.

Start sending your comments and letters TODAY!!


For the latest information in Sussex and Kent Counties and the Delaware political scene tune in to WGMD 92.7 and 98.5 daily!

Do you live in Sussex County Delaware and are a Republican or thinking about becoming a Republican? Come to our next meeting! Our next meeting will be held on Monday, February 27th 630pm at the South Coastal Library, Bethany Beach. Our club is open to new members who support Republican ideals.

Join 38th District Republican Club, Political Action Club

We meet monthly for meetings or events, please email for location


Upcoming 2023 Meetings:

April 24th, 6:30 p.m. Home Title Theft Protection - Julianne Murray, Former Candidate for Governor

April 28th -29th DE GOP Convention

The joint 38th/41st meeting Monday, May 1 at 6:30 pm at the Indian River Senior Center, 214 Irons Ave., Millsboro

The Back The Blue Caravan is scheduled for Thursday, May 11th

May 22nd, 6:30 p.m. Wills - Greg Fuller, Registrar of Wills, Sussex

We welcome your support as we support conservative values and responsible government.

To Donate Make check payable to:

38th DRCP

PO Box 1371

Bethany Beach, DE 19970

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