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You Are Invited to the 38th Republican Club Meeting Monday 6/24 6pm

The 38th District Republican Club will have our monthly meeting on Monday, June 24th, meet and greet at 6pm and meeting start at 630pm, at the Millville Town Hall, 36404 Club House Road, Millville. Our guest speaker will be the Delaware GOP Executive Director, Nick Miles, who will be speaking about how to get out the Republican vote in Delaware.

Nick Miles, DE GOP Executive Director

Also On The Books will be a 38th District Blood Drive

"Remember the Battle Cry During World War II ??  "WE WANT YOU" Well our Blood Banks are low and "Want You", "Need you"  Lets help our people in need. "We the People" can save lives! We The People care! We the People of the 38th pack in Sussex County Care. Lets Help a small part of the world, PLEASE" - Murph.

More details at the meeting!

How To Prevent Voter Fraud?


Cleaning Up The Voter Rolls

Do you want somebody to clean up our voter rolls?

Do you want to do something to help make certain we have fair elections?

Here's your chance to be the somebody who does something that is critically important for Sussex County, Delaware and our Country.


Right here in Sussex County, there is a dynamic, growing team of volunteers who have been working through the voter rolls for many weeks. They review voter rolls and challenges are submitted to the Department of Elections. They need your help!

  • You can work from home.

  • You need access to a computer.

  • Your computer skills need to be able to handle basics such as "cut and paste".

  • There are also opportunities for those with more advanced computer skills.

  • Training is provided in a 4 hr session at Sussex GOP Headquarters in Georgetown, 131 E. Market St.. Also, training by phone can be arranged.

  • For additional support, the team is at Sussex GOP Headquarters every Tuesday from 10-2 pm.

  • Notice an error in the voter rolls in the 38th? Email your point of contact here: .


To join the Sussex County Voter Roll Cleanup Team

Click to go to the GET INVOLVED page on

Fill out the VOLUNTEER FORM.

A volunteer coordinator will be in touch very soon.

Thank you for being someone who is making a difference!


New Voters Moving Into the 38th District

As per the Sussex Department of Elections, there were 62 people who moved into our district in 2024 (January - April) based on the Change of Address Date (COAD). Going back to September 2022, the average amount of newcomers is 15 per month. So we will be reaching out and welcoming new republicans to the area!

The Dream Team Learns Numinar - They Will Tell You How You Can Too!!

If The Lawman Lawless, Murph and The General can download an app, review the voter rolls, go neighborhood walking and make phone calls, then.... YOU CAN TOO!!

Lawman Lawless, Murph, and the General

Join Us For Neighborhood Walk Abouts

Would you like the Mighty 38th to come to YOUR neighborhood for a walk about? Then email here for more information and we will make it happen!

Bethany Beach Fourth of July Parade

ALSO, we are working on having the 38th District Republican Club represented at the Fourth of July Bethany Beach Parade. We will have a decorated vehicle, Uncle Sam, stickers and candy to give out to the crowd, and most importantly, we need YOU! Walkers will wave patriotic flags. So if you would like a chance to show your patriotic pride and love of country right here in our 38th home, then plan to come on out! Email me at if you can attend.

See you Monday, Millville Town Hall 6pm!


If you like what we do and would like to help support our mission, please send us a donation. We thank you for choosing to keep the 38th District Republican Club a success and a beaming light of conservative values in Delaware!


Do you want to get more involved locally? The 38th District includes Bethany Beach, South Bethany, Fenwick Island, Ocean View, Millville, Selbyville and Frankford. YOU can make a difference! Email for more information. Also, sign up for the State GOP e-Newsletters here.

Listen to WGMD 92.7 and 98.5 for local news!


Join the GOP:

Good Ordinary People who have common sense and will put an end to the nonsense!

Join the 38th District Republican Club and Subscribe to our e-Newsletter. If you like what we do and stand for, consider sending us your financial support.

To Donate Make check payable to:

38th DRCP

PO Box 184

Frankford, DE 19945

We meet the fourth Monday of the month, excluding holidays. For questions please

Upcoming 2023 Meetings

38th Club Meeting, Monday, June 24th, 6:30pm, Millville Town Hall

Bethany Beach Fourth of July Parade, July 4

Patriotic Trump Boat Parade, Saturday, July 6, noon, 125h Street, Big Assawoman Bay

Republican National Convention, Milwaukee, July 14-18

38th Club Meeting, Monday, July 22, 6:30pm, Bethany Beach Library

State Primary Election, September 10, 2024

General Election, November 5, 2024

We welcome your support as we support conservative values and responsible government.

This newsletter is intended for informational purposes only. The content provided is for general information and entertainment purposes, and should not be construed as professional advice. The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Club. Readers are encouraged to seek professional guidance or conduct their own research when making decisions based on the information provided in this newsletter. The Club does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information presented in this newsletter and will not be held liable for any errors or omissions. Website paid for by the 38th District Republican Club PAC and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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