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Our Own Rick R. is Running for RNC Committeeman!

Updated: Apr 8

Did you know that Delaware has representation at the Republican National Committee (RNC)? Well we do! We have a National Committee Man (NCM) and a National Committee Woman (NCW). And Delaware Republicans will be voting to see who will represent Delaware at the RNC on Friday May 17th at the Convention Dinner, the night before the Delaware GOP Convention.

For this election there are two candidates for both positions and one of the candidates for NCM is our own Rick Radatovich! You may know Rick as our patriotic, dedicated, numbers-and-results driven Vice RDC of the Mighty 38th District who has stepped up in a huge way helping to lead the 38th District toward success with his goal of 90% voter turnout in the 38th District. The 38th District Republican Club, PAC Board whole heartedly supports and endorses Rick in his candidacy for National Committee Man, and we KNOW he will do a fantastic job representing Delaware at the national level in Republican party matters! Thank you, Rick, for stepping up, we are 100% behind you!

All four candidates will be speaking this Monday, April 8th, at the Sussex Region meeting 630pm, Millsboro Fire Station, so please plan to attend and let your State Committee Members know who you would like them to vote for. State Committee Members are NOT necessarily Convention Delegates. See below for more info on who can vote in this election.

The Candidates For RNC Committee Man and Woman

Rick Radatovich

Rick Radatovich

Rick has worked for three decades in business strategy consulting and organization and has managed over a quarter of a billion dollars in company assets, to deliver superior results through strong leadership, leveraging creativity and strong business acumen. Rick's strengths are his work ethic, ability to relate and build relationships. He has a solid track record of being a strong change agent and leverages data and insights to help drive positive change within organizations. Rick will be able to use his skills of strategic and tactical business planning to help multi-million-dollar companies achieve success and will bring that skill set to the Republican National Committee with fresh ideas and strategies. Rick has been involved with the Delaware Republican party at the grassroots and Representative District level as Vice RDC of the 38th District, Frankford, and has worked to bring more volunteers to the Delaware Republican Party.

Stephanie Baffone

Stephanie Baffone, LPCMH, NCC

Stephanie is a licensed professional mental health therapist in private practice with a specialty in grief and loss. She is an active member of the DEGOP, serving as the New Castle County At-Large Member on the State Executive Committee, the Co-Chair of the DEGOP Election Integrity Task Force, a member of the NCC Republican Women's Club and is supporting the State Party in developing a strategic fundraising initiative. Active on the grassroots level, she founded a group of women she call The Sisterhood of the Founders, who embody the motto "patriotic faith in action." With a knack for building strategic relationships, her patriotic zeal and fresh ideas, Stephanie will do a great job representing Delaware at the RNC.

Dr. Mary McCrosson

Mary McCrosson, MD

Dr. Mary McCrosson is a Family Medicine physician and works at the St. Francis Family Practice office, in Wilmington, focusing on maternal and child health and wound management. Mary has been active in the Delaware Republican party and has served as the previous Republican National Committee Woman, representing Delaware the past four years. Mary would like to continue to represent Delaware at the national level and to continue to promote and support Republican candidates up and down the state.

Hank McCann

Hank McCann

Hank McCann has served in the United States Army, and achieved the rank of Major General, retiring in 2012. Since then Hank has gone on to own and run a manufactured housing real estate company, along with his brother. Hank has been active in the Delaware Republican party and served as the National Committee Man (NCM) to represent Delaware since 2020. Hank has been active on the Republican National Committee and would like to continue to represent Delaware to advance the Republican party and its principles.

Who Can Vote for National Committee Positions?

The Region Chairs choose 2 delegates from each district to vote at the State Committee Convention, not to be confused with the State Convention delegates. Only the two chosen State Committee members per district will be able to vote for selection of our Delaware RNC Committee Man (NCM) and Committee Woman (NCW) positions.

Traditionally the two selected delegates from each district are the RDC and Vice RDC of that district, as the most active and most likely people to best represent their district. And for the most part that is who the majority of the delegates are.

If you would like to endorse a candidate for NCM or NCW then reach out to 38th RDC and the 38th Vice RDC and let them know how you would like them to represent you! All Republican Senators and Representatives also have a vote, so let Senator Hocker and Representative Ron Gray know your choices as well!

Want to Share Your Republican Values?

Is your family getting tired of listening to you complaining or yelling at the television without feeling like you are being heard? Then we've got a solution for you! Set your words and thoughts to paper, 500 words or less, and send them as a Letter-to-the-Editor, or an open letter to any public office holder. You can also email us here and we will share your letter with media outlets up and down the State. We can also send your letters to WGMD to have the opportunity to read your letter yourself on the air! If you have any questions or would like a second set of eyeballs for proofreading, then email your letter to We are here to help!

Listen to WGMD every morning for the latest update on our area and all things political. 92.7 or 98.5.


Do YOU have a message you would like to share and let others good citizens in Delaware know how you feel? Good, then send us your Letter to the Editor and we will post it. And send your letters directly to your local newspaper for publication!

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Upcoming 2023 Meetings

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