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We Won! NO Mail-in Voting and NO Same Day Registration!!!

Jane Brady, GOP Chair, announces the results of the Election lawsuit

Today at the Delaware Republican Party Freedom Festival kick-off party at the Rusty Rudder, Delaware GOP Chair, Jane Brady, announced the final results of the lawsuit and appeal that were filed against the Delaware Department of Elections contesting mail-in voting and same day voter registration, as these recently passed laws by the Delaware Democratic legislature were in violation of the Delaware Constitution. Jane also congratulated Republican Attorney General candidate Julianne Murray for a job well done arguing this case before the Delaware Supreme Court. You can read the complaint here: .

ulianne Murray, candidate for attorney general, argued that a constitutional amendment was needed to authorize no-excuse mail-in-voting. (Delaware Supreme Court hearing)

Therefore, we will NOT have no-excuse mail-in voting for this election. Voting by absentee ballot will still be available, as it has been since the inception of the State of Delaware. We will also NOT have same day voter registration! This is a HUGE win for the citizens of Delaware to maintain voter integrity and to know that we are STILL a state of laws and procedures and that our governmental system of checks and balances remains intact, despite the attempted overreach of the democratic party that could not acquire the necessary votes for a constitutional amendment so they rather bypassed the constitution and passed a law with the signature of the democrat governor, all in violation of the Delaware Constitution. Thank you Jane Brady and Julianne Murray for your courage and determination to fight for Delaware!

Also tonight, party attendees got a chance to hear directly from Steve Moore, who is affiliated with FreedomWorks, The Heritage Foundation, and Committee to Unleash Prosperity as well as Donald Trump 2016 campaign advisor. Moore predicted a Republican Red Wave, and we pray he is right. But we also need ACTION! So please continue to talk to your neighbors, get them out to vote on November 8th, or on the numerous early voting dates or by absentee ballot! . Also in attendance were reporters from famed Epic Times who interviewed Representative Ruth Briggs King and U.S. Congress Republican candidate Lee Murphy. Delaware is going global!

It was a fantastic night, see you all tomorrow at Hudson Fields as the Delaware Freedom Festival continues, culminating with conversation and cocktails again at the Rusty Rudder with LtCol Oliver North.

Do you live in the 38th District in Sussex County Delaware and are a Republican or thinking about becoming a Republican? Come to our next meeting! Our next meeting will be held on Monday, October 24th 630pm at the Bethany South Coastal Library, 43 Kent Avenue, Bethany Beach. Our club is open to new members who support Republican ideals.

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