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Correct Video Attached: Cleaning Up the Voter Rolls in Sussex County - About Time!


1,382 Voters Analyzed           

266 Challenges to Sussex Dept of Elections

MAY YTD Stats  

3,949 Voters Analyzed           

795 Challenges to Sussex Dept of Elections

There has been a lot of concern about voter integrity and voter fraud since the 2020 election, and we in the 38th District hear your concerns. One big concern we often hear is that the voter rolls need to be cleaned up. Well you asked, and now you shall receive! Delaware republicans are actively cleaning up the voter rolls as we speak.

Potential Voter Fraud Starts with the Voter Rolls

Here is a video that shows that much of any potential voter fraud starts with the voter rolls. In simple terms, to be successful at certain types of cheating, a bad actor needs to match an illegal voter name that is on the voter rolls with a ballot and cast that illegal vote. BUT, if that illegal voter name is REMOVED from the voter rolls properly, then that potential point of voter fraud has been eliminated. And THAT is what cleaning up the voter rolls is. What is an illegal name on the voter rolls? For example, someone who moved out of state who is a registered voter in another state, a child who has moved away, or someone who has died. Though the term "illegal name" may sound nefarious, it is often an innocent mistake. Innocent or not, these mistakes can be utilized in voter fraud.

The Delaware GOP Election Integrity Committee

In Delaware, our Republican party has an Election Integrity Committee. The Co-Chairs are Stephanie Baffone and Chris Beronio. Under the aegis of this Committee, Dan Lesher, has implemented a streamlined method to tackle this very issue of cleaning up the voter rolls. Our Sussex County member, Barb R., has taken Dan's training and bumped it up to the next level. Barb has been VERY busy not only cleaning the Sussex voter rolls, but also training many volunteers to do the same, including our own Vice RDC, Rick, and Club Treasurer, Jim K. By actually DOING the work to start to clean the voter rolls, our Sussex team has added tools, re-prioritized order of activities, matched activities with volunteer capabilities and much much more that was not in the initial prototype sessions.  Here is what they have accomplished so far:


1,382 Voters Analyzed           

266 Challenges to Sussex Dept of Elections

MAY YTD Stats  

3,949 Voters Analyzed           

795 Challenges to Sussex Dept of Elections

Dan Lesher Reports: So what are these Sussex Superstars Doing? 


They call themselves OV2.  On the face it stands for Operation Verify Voters but those on the inside know tongue in cheek it is also a bit of pride.  While the team all loves True the Vote, they have a higher “find rate,” so the number in their name should be at least one better than that in IV3. It’s motivation! 

The Group

They are currently 21 strong and growing.  While the group started out of the GOP Election Integrity effort they pride themselves as having members from other parties on the team and approaching this from non-partisan basis.  Clean voter rolls helps everyone.  This was initially key to cooperation with the Department of Elections.


They employ many tools, such as the Delaware Voter Rolls, other State Voter Rolls, County property records, True the Vote’s IV3, NCOA lists, obituary sites and many more to find suspected illegal names.  When a situation is found, they document it in the product, a “Challenge Record”.


In April, they analyzed 1,382 names.  With improving processes and more people on the task that number has increased by 2.5 X to 3,949 May.  Are you going to sign up and help that increase again by multiples in June? If you are in the 38th and you would like to help, email Jim or Rick at .

Challenge Records

To date, 1,000 names submitted to DOE for removal with over 40% of those removed to date and more occur as the DOE system processes their paperwork.

Vulnerabilities / Systemic Errors Discovered

The OV2 team has not only found the following example situations but they have been able to work interactively and co-operatively with the Department of Elections personnel to address the issues.  Some of these are in negotiations and they are taking the lead to see if any processes adopted by the Sussex DOE can be done in Kent and Sussex too.  Stay tuned.

1.Department of Elections (DOE) Choices

Given evidence of an illegal name (for example that a person has moved), there may be multiple processes that the DOE can take for removal depending on the situation.  In general, it appears that the DOE often chose the process that can take for up to four years for removal, rather than opting for those consistent with Federal Guidelines that could be used to justify removal of the name immediately.  About 1/3 are removed pretty quickly upon certification by the “illegal” voter of that move out of state.

Interestingly, the DOE does receive notification from SOME states that a former Delaware voter is now registered there.  When such government-to-government notification is received, that voter is immediately removed from Delaware.  Delaware is a state that provides this notification to the previous state of a new voter in Delaware. This sharing information on new voters to their old residence state is a tremendous opportunity to keep double registration and reduce inflated voter rolls. 

2. DOE Implementation of ERIC

While ERIC is touted as a tool that can help clean voter rolls, Delaware’s utilization of this tool shows that people are often confirmed as simultaneously being registered in two ERIC states at the same time.  Additional process steps are being considered to perhaps prevent that from happening.

3. Voters who live in DE, but pass away in another state

Example, a Delaware registered voter dies at a hospital over the line in PA or MD, or the person moved to a family member's residence in another state due to quality-of- life issues, and the death is not recorded in Delaware.

4. Voters registered at commercial addresses

This actually caused the Department of Elections to get involved due to finding hundreds of voters registered at private mailbox address sites. One such address was the Sussex Department of Elections with dozens of registered voters who listed the DOE address as their primary address!

5. A single individual, with two valid State of Delaware voter ID numbers.  (Very Rare).

Training of Candidates and Volunteer Door Knockers

More names can be removed quicker, if we can get confirmation of suspected illegal registration situations from the residents of a dwelling or a family member.  Towards that end, the OV2 team is working to arm a few candidates with specialized voter rolls, forms, and training, that will help them recognize that a potential illegal name may be present at a residence BEFORE they knock on the door.  Those trained will also know what they can do right there “ON THE SPOT” to help the occupants of the residence correct the situation, and in doing so they can protect their family from being accused of nefarious action if such action occurred in the future.

We Need YOU To Help Clean the Voter Rolls in Delaware

A new coordinator is coming up to speed in Kent County, and we are trying to get more people up and running in New Castle County too. 

If you have an interest, drop me a line at, or 302-559-9585 and we will get you hooked up and trained as demand requires.  I’ll also be trying to re-vamp my trainings so we can incorporate and get the benefit of the things they are learning in Sussex.  By the way, although Barb did request I not put her contact information out there in public……. if you are in Sussex and see anyone sporting an OV2 tee-shirt you might want to say thank you!!! If you are in the 38th you can email .

Note: Illegal Names:  While the term “illegal name” may spur visions nefarious individuals in a cloak and dagger movie, the “illegal name” is not necessarily that.  Most often, they could be innocent situations such as when an adult child that moves away from home.  It could also be a death.  It could be a former residence of a house.

Just because the “illegal names” is on the list for an innocent reason doesn’t mean a “bad actor” can’t use it.  After all, if we can find them, so can the bad guys.  If we get the names removed, they can no longer find them.  Even if they don’t get removed, the data can be used to “Challenge” a ballot, if for example a ballot with an illegal name shows up where absentee ballots are processed.

Dan Lesher

DE GOP Election Integrity Committee



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