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Club Meeting Recap and Next Meeting on Election Integrity

The 38th District Republican Club met at the Fenwick Crab House for our monthly meeting. During the meeting, Senator Gerald Hocker delivered a presentation on the Club’s impressive history. As the oldest and largest republican club in Delaware, boasting a membership of almost 100 individuals, he highlighted the Club’s original founders, ongoing goals to aid republican candidates get elected and longstanding presence in the community. Senator Hocker also discussed the proposed Orsted Skipjack offshore wind turbine project which will have wind turbines off the shore of Bethany Beach and bringing the power lines through Bethany possibly along route 26 to deliver energy to Maryland. This will ultimately lead to an increase in the cost of electricity.

Representative Ron Gray, focused his discussion on current legislative topics. Specifically, he delved into House Bill 10, the electric school bus mandate, examining the potential implications and expenses associated with this initiative. Other topics discussed included:

Delaware Democrats passed a budget 13% higher. Can you afford to pay 13% more?? Let your neighbors know, it’s time for change, vote Republican!

House Bill 10: EV School Bus Mandate Passed. This LAW requires the Department of Education (DOE) to make electric-powered school buses a part of its annual bus procurement. The DOE buys about 50 buses a year. Private bus companies will need to purchase 2 electric buses for each route as a bus cannot hold the necessary charge for a run in the morning and complete another run in the afternoon! The bill will cost taxpayers an additional $2.6 million during its first two years of implementation. Do you think Delaware tax payers should spend $2.6 million more on electric buses instead of on education? Let your neighbors know, it’s time to change that, vote Republican!

Democrat Delaware legislators want you to pay employee union dues for Delaware government unions like the Delaware State Teachers Association. Do you think Delaware tax payers should pay their union dues? Let your neighbors know, it’s time to change that, vote Republican!

Delaware spending on education is at top 5% in the nation yet our schools perform at bottom 5%. The party in power that is behind this needs to go. Let your neighbors know, it's time for change, vote Republican!

We also elected our new Vice President and Secretary! Congratulations and THANK YOU Tom and Bob!

County Councilman Doug Hudson addressed the ongoing property tax reassessment. This is an issue that holds significant importance for homeowners and the local economy.

Overall, the meeting covered a range of compelling topics, offering attendees a deeper understanding of the Club’s history and providing updates on relevant legislative matters impacting our community.

Election Integrity - Where Are We Now

The next meeting of the 38th District Republican Club is scheduled for Monday, October 23, and will take place at the Roxana Fire Station on 35943 Zion Church Road, Frankford. The chosen topic for this meeting will be “Election Integrity – Where Are We Now” which will be presented by Dan Lesher, a member of the Delaware GOP Election Integrity Committee. You WON'T want to miss this meeting!!

The 38th District Republican Club meets the 4th Monday of every month and is open to new members to join. Our meetings are regularly attended by Senator Gerald Hocker, Representative Ron Gray, and County Councilman Doug Hudson. The next meeting will be held Monday September 23rd, 6:00 p.m. for meet and greet, and 6:30 p.m. at the Roxana Fire Station, 35943 Zion Church Road, Frankford, DE.

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Do you want to get more involved locally? The 38th District, from Bethany to Millville to Selbyville and Fenwick, is looking for neighborhood Election District Captains as we gear up for 2024 Elections. YOU can make a difference! Email for more information. Also, sign up for the State GOP e-Newsletters here.

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