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The New DE GOP - Get Involved!!

Delaware GOP Chair, Julianne Murray, has sent out a call to action for all Delaware Patriot Republicans! With new leadership and new energy, THIS is the time to renew our efforts to inspire, energize and bring on all those great ideas you've had but couldn't enact, until NOW! Please, everyone, choose a Delaware GOP committee you would like to get involved with, where you believe you have the best ideas and strengths that would most benefit the party. The field is wide open so sign up now. Reply to this email or email and your name will be forwarded to the State GOP.

New State GOP Committees

Messaging/Publicity Committee - works with the Communications Director. The Messaging/Publicity Committee would develop a clear and effective message and project a unifying message that attracts not only Republicans but all voters. The Committee would also work with the Communications Director to coordinate the power of not only social media but paper media, press releases, blogs, video blogs etc.

Candidate Committee - This committee needs to have representatives from all 5 regions. The committee would be responsible for recruiting and vetting candidates. Once we have candidates, this committee needs to provide support to our candidates by developing training and templates for websites, push cards, signs etc.

Data & Metric Committee - whose sole mission is data analysis. A detailed analysis of past elections by election district is going to help us determine which seats we can possibly flip.

Community Outreach Committee - does two things: (1) targets Republicans that typically do NOT vote and get them involved; and (2) identifies like-minded organizations with like-minded goals and establish relationships.

Election Integrity Committee - The fact of the matter is that many Republican voters have lost hope that their vote counts – we need to show that we are putting things in place to make certain that their voice is heard.

Standing Committees

Long Range Strategic Planning Committee

Rules Committee

Finance committee

Resolutions Committee

This is an exciting time to be a Delaware Republican, change is coming to Delaware! Sign up now for you committee of choice! Email

Sussex Regional Meeting

Please plan to attend the Sussex Regional Committee meeting this Monday, 5/8/2023, 6:30pm at Old Paths Church, on Redden Road, in Georgetown, guest speaker will be Dr. Tanya Hettler from Caesar Rodney Institutute. 38th EDC's please plan to come at 6 pm to discuss upcoming 38th RDC special election.

The Caesar Rodney Institute's Director of Education Excellence

Tanya Hettler, Ph.D. has recommended a few questions that you can ask of any school board candidate:

  • What are they going to do about the violence in the schools? correct answer: restore consequence based discipline

  • What are they going to do about the poor academic performance? correct answer: back to the basics

  • Need for greater transparency/ parents bill of rights - do they support this?

  • We're at the top in spending but at the bottom in outcomes. How are they going to improve outcomes? Instead of every student getting the same amount of money, do weighted funding to give extra money to those who need it - English learners, low income students, students with disabilities.

You can check out a new website Caesar Rodney Institute has created to help candidates know what to focus on .

38th District Republican Club, PAC, Upcoming Meeting

Please save the date for our next 38th District Republican Club meeting, to be held on Monday May 22, 6:00 p.m. meet and greet, meeting start at 6:30 p.m., at the South Coastal Library in Bethany Beach. Our featured speaker will be Register of Wills, Greg Fuller.This should be intriguing information so please plan to attend. You can forward any question you may have for our Guest Speaker, Rep. Ron Gray, County Councilman Doug Hudson and Senator Hocker now by emailing .

Join Back The Blue Car Caravan

Thursday, May 11, 10:00 am.

2023 Back the Blue Caravan flyer
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For the latest information in Sussex and Kent Counties and the Delaware political scene tune in to WGMD 92.7 and 98.5 daily!

Do you live in Sussex County Delaware and are a Republican or thinking about becoming a Republican? Come to our next meeting! Our next meeting will be held on Monday, February 27th 630pm at the South Coastal Library, Bethany Beach. Our club is open to new members who support Republican ideals.

Join 38th District Republican Club, Political Action Club

We meet monthly for meetings or events, please email for location


Upcoming 2023 Meetings:

The Back The Blue Caravan is scheduled for Thursday, May 11th

May 22nd, 6:30 p.m. Wills - Greg Fuller, Registrar of Wills, Sussex

We welcome your support as we support conservative values and responsible government.

To Donate Make check payable to:

38th DRCP

PO Box 1371

Bethany Beach, DE 19970

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