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What Can YOU Do to Help? Start Small, Start Now. Here's How.

Every single one of you reading this today, is doing so because you care. And you care enough to want to DO something about it. Well first, let me congratulate you. Thank you for being the tip of the spear that will change the election and change the destructive path our country has been on for too long. Second, let me tell you HOW you can help as part of the team that will set things right, again.

We Are Organized

At this moment in time, the Delaware Republican party has never been more organized than it is now. We often hear how organized the Democrat party is, how they don't argue, they just follow orders, and they are lock step. Well, so are lemmings, and so were the NAZIs. We are neither. Democrat party members do follow orders well, because they are not intelligent critical thinkers. Republicans are. Therefore, we question, we have ideas, we have opinions, and we also have creativity (which democrats lack). This is why the Republican grassroots is so powerful. What the democrats do have, is centralized, closed door leadership. They are told to do something, they do it, they are told who to vote for, they do it. Republicans use intelligence and heart to decide what they will do. So I am not going to tell anyone what to do, but rather, I'd like to show you what is possible. What we CAN do. And then you can decide how you would like to proceed. So based on tried and true methods and what WORKS, to get out voters, let's talk about what is possible.

N and the DE GOP App

Right now in the Delaware Republican party, we are connected. We have a software system that allows all participants to talk with each other, to communicate in real time, what we are doing, who've we've made contact with, how someone is voting, and get that information back to our leadership, who is monitoring it all. I'm talking about 2 items, the DE GOP app and N.

When we make contact with a voter, whether it be by personal conversation, door knocking or a phone call, we have the ability, any of us, to enter that information into the system. We can enter, that we confirmed that person will vote, that the voter needs help with absentee voting, or that person would like to be a poll walker or a poll challenger, or how they feel about issues. And if we go door knocking, we can use N to show which houses have already been knocked on by our team, so that we don't overlap and knock on a door twice. Now, I am not saying that we all have to use N to be successful. Using the traditional voter rolls is also effective. The key is, we all have to do something, and we have to start doing it now. Waiting until September of this year, is too late.

How the DE GOP App differs from N

The DE GOP is easier to use, takes no training. You DO have to be able to download an app. It's limitation is that it shows only registered republicans. N takes more training and set up to use well, but once you've learned it, which is still easy, it is much easier to use and much more powerful. And you can still use traditional voter rolls, the excel spread sheets, and enter data into N from your desk top, so it can still be tracked in real time. And if you don't choose to use N or the DE GOP app, that's ok too. But do something.

Door Knocking aka Canvassing

I am going to talk a little bit about door knocking. But then I will also talk about what you can do right from your own home, and what is possible, if door knocking is not for you.

What we have done in the 38th is start to build relationships with our registered republicans. Yes, we have a club, which every RD already has, on some level. And whether you have a Club or the RD organization, the results are the same, which is: having a group of republican activists that can be activated at a moment's notice. So when there is a Wind Farm meeting, we can send an email and get 100 people to show up. If we want to be in a parade to support a candidate, same, we can get interested members to attend. Not everyone will attend every event. That is the beauty of have a Club, or an RD organization, basically organized at the precinct level. Members can participate in a way that meets their skill set and abilities. Whether that is walking in a parade, attending a meeting, or donating from home. But the KEY to making an RD successful is having members, and that means contact information and a system to store that. The ability to Email. So a big part of our door knocking will be asking for emails.

Door knocking

What we have done in the 38th, and I recommend, is that you choose YOUR neighborhood, a place you know and understand. And ask that your RDC organize a canvassing event for you neighborhood. You could also reach out to your home owner's association and schedule a meeting or ask that your republican representative speak briefly at the next HOA meeting. Anything to get the word out about your republican organization. People want to get involved but they don't know how, or really that we even exist.

So once you have your neighborhood selected, we found it easiest for the RDC to create a geofence and Project in N for that neighborhood. RDC's who've already looked into N know what I am talking about, and if anyone here would like to learn more, I can show you how this works. Everyone here is capable of picking this up, as I've had three 80 plus year olds in my kitchen who picked it up in 5 minutes (of course one of them were Joe Biden). So you can too.

This way, you have all the registered voters in your area listed, of all parties. This list is easily adjustable for ascending or descending order on any selected street in the neighborhood. In real time, it is used on an app on your phone. With a list of a pre-programmed script and questions to ask. And just as Jesus recommended his apostles go out two by two, we do the same. One for safety. Two it is easiest when one team member makes the pitch, and the other records the answers, or passes out the literature. These roles can be easily switched back and forth. We recommend going to all republicans and independent homes. An all democrat household is typically a lost cause. We liked going out in teams, for example 3 teams of 2 people, and we couldn't help but be somewhat competitive with the other teams, which is fun. We also had a support vehicle with waters, a cool ride, and they carried and delivered yard signs.

And if you are door knocking in your neighborhood, you can use your house as home base, where cars can park and you have access to a rest room. Though it is not necessary to do that, but do look for a good place to park for your team. With this many people, 3 teams of 2 with a support vehicle, we could hit a 100 house neighborhood in 2 hours. Best times to go might be weekend afternoons, when most people are home and weekday evenings are also good. If you are a candidate, you will be going every day, all day, so see if you can help them out.

Ask for Emails!

But the NUMBER ONE piece of information we will try to get from each person we make contact with, is asking for their email. Yes, republicans are pleased that we knocked on their door and made contact, and often they will say it is the first time anyone has. But unless we get that person's email so we can touch them again, as it gets closer to the election, that will be the last time they hear from us, for who knows how long.

And both the 38th and Sussex GOP you can subscribe anyone yourself anytime. Just go to either website and enter in the person's name and email. You can do it right from you cell phone. They can unsubscribe anytime they want. I do this all day long and we do it at our meetings, subscribe newcomers.

Having A Script

We have also heard from first time door knockers, that they don't know the Delaware issues. Well Sussex GOP has a handy tri-fold that lists all of the relevant DE issues, broken down by category, Economy, Education, Crime and Government Overreach. This tri-fold is updated regularly to adjust for real time changes in all of those categories. You can ask for this trifold to be emailed to you from Sussex GOP. In the 38th, we will print 100 of these and distribute when we go door knocking, or leave them as a door hanger if no one was home.

Download PDF • 354KB

Sending Texts or Phone Calling

The other feature that N has, is the ability to send texts and assist with phone calling. We have heard that many of us have out of state numbers, making it less likely that someone will answer the phone if called. Or that some of us don't want to give out our personal phone number. If you are an RDC or EDC, I think giving out your personal number is a good thing. You are building relationships with voters in your neighborhood, you precinct or district, and if a voter has questions, they have your contact. But understandably if you are calling for a candidate outside your district or county, you may not want to give out or call from your personal cell. In these cases, N allows that another number, a local 302 number, shows when you make phone calls. And N allows you to call for example 10 numbers at a time and connect you with who picked up. So now is the time to start using this system and getting familiar with it, so when we really need it in the fall, we will all already be experts in it. And you can start small.

Start Small But Start Now

You don't have to wait for an official canvassing event to come to your neighborhood. You can start with your own street. Get the info from your RDC, the DE GOP app, or N and make contact. Let folks know that their vote is important and that we/you are counting on them to come out to vote this November. And if they have questions, they can come to you. Or subscribe them to Sussex GOP or to your RD email group.

There are tons more tips I can give you, like where comfortable shoes, bring water, don't bring dogs, don't stand too close to the door, talk into a ring camera etc. But really the most important thing is to just start, just do it. You may do it "wrong" the first time. Who cares. Don't wait until you have a perfect plan, because perfect doesn't exist.

To get started, I suggest you ask your RDC first. Ask to see which neighborhood canvassing events they have planned in your area, or suggest your neighborhood. You can also go direct with the important current campaigns we've got going in Sussex:

Kim Hoey Stevenson for Senator District 6

Mike Simpler District 14 in Rehoboth

Rich Collins in the 41st has a very active democrat candidate going door to door

Nikki Miller District 20

Jeff Hvlosky District 4

And if you would like some easy basic door knocking training, just to get your feet wet, contact the 38th, myself, email us, and you can spend a day with us and see what it's like, and then you will be an expert.

Like I said, starting in September is too late. Start now, start small, and ask for that Email.

Watch Boat Parade video here!

The tide is changing, as more patriots join the ranks to get involved. Not even Secretariat could win a race without daily training, and neither can the Republican patriots win a race without daily effort. So please plan to be a part of the winning team, the RIGHT team, and get even more involved today. We need YOU, our country needs YOU, your family needs YOU, to keep standing up for what's right! Email and we will get you plugged in to be with the the local team that is right for you and your skillset. The clock is ticking, it is go time!



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