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Meeting Agenda with Dr. Legates, The Lies of Climate Change, and BIG NEWS for GOP Chair Election!

Our next meeting of the 38th District Republican Club, PAC will be held on Monday March 27th, 6:00 p.m. meet and greet and prompt start at 6:30 p.m., at the South Coastal Library, Bethany Beach.

Our guest speaker will be Dr. David Legates, Dr. Legates is a retired professor of climatology at the University of Delaware and a former Delaware State climatologist. Dr. Legates also served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and as the Executive Director of the US Global Change Research Program in the White House. Come and listen to this powerful talk about global warming/climate change alarmism and learn the truth about the true science of climate change.


There will be an election for State GOP Chair. Julianne Murray has announced she will challenge Jane Brady for the Chair position. The State GOP Convention will be held Saturday April 29th at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover, dinner the evening before also at the Modern Maturity Center. If you are interested in being a Delegate please contact us ASAP at Listen to Julianne Murray's State GOP Chair campaign statement here.

Dear 38th Delegates, the 41st is planning to go ALL OUT for this Convention, don't let them show up the Mighty 38th! Buy your 38th T-shirts and gear here to show your 38th Pride at the Convention. Please send me your ideas for additional Convention paraphernalia!

EV Mandate Meeting

Over 350 people attended the Stop the EV Mandate meeting this past Tuesday 3/21/23. Conspicuously absent was DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin. It is ULTRA important that you email both Shawn Garvin and Governor Carney how you feel about a ban on gas powered vehicles in Delaware. That's right, you will NOT be able to own and register a gas powered vehicle in Delaware by 2035. And the auto industry is no ally. Chevrolet has just announced that they will no longer produce "muscle" cars (my Camaro will be priceless one day under their plan!) and Chevy plans to switch to all EV's. Car dealerships in Delaware also don't care, they make money either way, mandates don't hurt them.

What do your pro EV neighbors have to say about EV's? 1. EV's will NOT affect the grid. 2. EV's can be used as a reverse generator when the power goes off and can power your house. 3. EV owners admit that their EV is their secondary vehicle and cannot replace a gas powered vehicle. Now tell all this to the working middle class and poor who don't have "secondary" vehicles, and can't afford the ultra elite EV's that can act as generators. "Let them eat cake .... errr dive EV's." What happened to My Car My Choice?

Email Shawn Garvin Here

Legalized Marijuana

HB1/HB2 passed the house and is in committee in the Senate, where it WILL pass. Dems don't care about freedom of marijuana use, My Body My Drug, nope, they are only interested in being the lucrative drug dealer, the government wants their cut! And explains why convicted drug dealers will get first shot at being "legitimate" distributors, they already have a customer base! Email Governor Carney today to VETO HB1/HB2 to legalize marijuana in Delaware. We already have legalized MEDICAL marijuana, that should suffice.

Delaware Atheist Day

Uber progressive Dems try to pass Delaware Atheist Day. Even some dems couldn't bring themselves to support this lunacy, surprising, but true. HCR 18.

Delaware To Go Strawless

Dems plan to ban plastic straws and Styrofoam take out boxes, in senate committee. SB 51. Of all the useless things to legislate. We have CHILDREN running our State government!

Joint 38th/41st Meeting

The 38th and 41st District Republican Clubs will be joining forces to have a joint meeting on Monday, May 1st, 630pm. The featured speakers will be local town Police Chiefs. Please email us your questions for the officers! Featured speakers will be Ocean View Police Chief, Ken McLaughlin and Lt. Moyer from the Millsboro Police Department.


I. Call to order 6:30pm

II. Prayer

III. Pledge of Allegiance

IV. President’s Welcome

I. New Business

A. Vice President’s Report

Featured Business - Renove Med Spa. Yes, there will be PRIZES!

B. Treasurer’s Report

C. Secretary Report

VI. President's Report

VII. Guest Speaker - Dr. David Legates

VIII. State Elected Officials Reports

A. Senator Gerald Hocker

B. Rep. Ron Gray

C. County Councilman Doug Hudson

IX. Party Representatives

A. RDC Pat Procaccini

B. Sussex GOP Chair Marilyn Booker

X. Member's Mic

XI. Upcoming Events

A. April Meeting - Monday, April 24th - Julianne Murray, Home Title Protection

B. DE GOP Convention April 28-29

C. May 1st Joint 38th/41st Meeting - Local Town Police Chiefs, Indian River Senior Center, 630pm

D. May 11, Back the Blue Car Caravan

XII. Adjournment

March 38th District Republican Club, PAC posts you may have missed:


Would you like to learn more about your home state of Delaware Constitution? Learning our Constitution is the best way to understand our laws, our history, and how we can make a better Delaware going forward! The Delaware Constitution course is a course certified through the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) with IOTC certified instructors Michelle Parsons and Tom Molnar and instructor Bob Lawless. Classes will be held at the Ocean View Town Hall located at 32 West Ave, Ocean View, every Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. starting Sunday February 19th for 6 weeks with the last class to be held on March 26th. Each class is its own unique lesson so there is no need to start at the beginning if you miss the first date. Please email if you plan to attend .

Another great way to keep up with the DE GOP is to sign up for the Monday 8:00 a.m. GOP "Call to Action" zoom meetings with GOP Chair, Jane Brady and different representative guests that will be featured weekly. Go here to sign up

ALSO, the Delaware legislature will be offering the ability to stream live legislative chamber proceedings and committee meetings on demand anytime, anywhere. Archived live streams are available as well.

For the latest information in Sussex and Kent Counties and the Delaware political scene tune in to WGMD 92.7 and 98.5 daily!

Do you live in Sussex County Delaware and are a Republican or thinking about becoming a Republican? Come to our next meeting! Our next meeting will be held on Monday, February 27th 630pm at the South Coastal Library, Bethany Beach. Our club is open to new members who support Republican ideals.

Join 38th District Republican Club, Political Action Club

We meet monthly for meetings or events, please email for location


Upcoming 2023 Meetings:

April 24th, 6:30 p.m. Home Title Theft Protection - Julianne Murray, Former Candidate for Governor

April 28th -29th DE GOP Convention

The joint 38th/41st meeting Monday, May 1 at 6:30 pm at the Indian River Senior Center, 214 Irons Ave., Millsboro

The Back The Blue Caravan is scheduled for Thursday, May 11th

May 22nd, 6:30 p.m. Wills - Greg Fuller, Registrar of Wills, Sussex

We welcome your support as we support conservative values and responsible government.

To Donate Make check payable to:

38th DRCP

PO Box 1371

Bethany Beach, DE 19970

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