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Wind Scam Protest Success! And Presidential Primary BACK on the Menu, What?

Our US Constitution has given We The People a voice and The People have spoken! The Good people of Delaware, joined by Maryland concerned citizens, came out in the dozens to demonstrate our resolve that foreign-owned-shell-company US Wind Scam will NOT come off our shores, will not destroy our beautiful beaches, slaughter marine mammals, kill migrating birds, and decimate our horseshoe crab nursery sanctuaries. "We will not stand to allow our beaches to decay for $100K! " - Vice RDC Rick.

This is what 3Rs Beach in North Bethany will look like if US Wind Scam brings their cable ashore

We held signs, shared stories, and enjoyed the overwhelming honks of support from passing vehicles. Yes, the opposition was present, but at 4pm, they gave up, packed up and went home! We came, they saw, we WILL conquer. But this is not the end, don't give up yet, folks, keep emailing Governor Carney, send those postcards and share with your neighbors. Next Wind Scam event, We WILL be there!

Would you like Stop Offshore Wind yard signs? Order them here and share with your neighbors! Purchase Stop Offshore Wind postcards and mail your thoughts to Governor Carney!

Department of Elections Makes HUGE Blunder!!

Just as Governor Carney believes he is King Carney, so does Delaware State Election Commissioner Anthony Albence, who unilaterally, without consulting the Delaware Republican Committee and conferring with the State Republican Party Chair, cancelled the Presidential Primary. Now you may think that this makes sense, as Nikki Haley has "suspended" her presidential campaign and there is just one remaining presidential candidate, former President Donald Trump. But, just as the progressive democrat legislature passes bills that are unconstitutional, so now does the Department of Elections make massive decisions without adhering to well established political party election rules.

Here is the nuance: Nikki Haley "suspended" her campaign, she did not "end" her campaign. Therefore, she could re-enter the race for president at any time, and there are rules in place for just such an occurrence. If Nikki were to re-enter the presidential primary race AFTER Delaware cancelled the presidential primary then Delaware would lose the 13 RNC delegates that we have, and that would be a loss of 13 delegate votes for Trump at the RNC Convention. And if you think that would never happen, guess again, because this just happened in New Jersey, and the Garden State Republicans have LOST 40 of their 49 delegates! (read here). This is a very real threat to Delaware Republican delegates if we do not adhere to established election rules.

Registered Democrat Election Commissioner Albence

The big question is: is this unilateral cancellation of a free election a dereliction of duty, incompetence, ignorance, or is it something else, malevolently intentional by Anthony Albence and the panicking democrat machine? Our Chair and leader, Julianne Murray, is on it, and now working with the Delaware Department of Elections and the RNC to work this out. This is not inconsequential. If we allow Democrats to cancel Republican elections without protest now, would they do it again? So stand by to stand by.

Current Update on the Delaware Republican Presidential Primary

The Chair of the Delaware Republican Party has been in communication with the Delaware Department of Elections to discuss the status of the Delaware Republican Presidential Primary. Following these discussions, the Department of Elections released the following statement:

“The Department announced the cancellation of Delaware’s 2024 Presidential Primary. However, the Department is re-evaluating this decision because there technically are two, filed Republican Presidential Primary candidates."

Nick Miles, Executive Director, Delaware State Republican Committee

On Mar 12, 2024, at 6:30 PM,

Next Meeting 38th District Republican Club

Our next meeting will be held at the Salted Rim on 26, starting at 6:00pm, located in the back tented area. There will be a cash bar and menu with seating. We will hear from the Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Jerry Price, as well as our District 4 Indian River School Board candidates. We will also get a legislative update from Senator Hocker and 38th Representative Ron Gray. So please make a note on your calendar and please plan to attend this very fun and informative event.

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Upcoming 2023 Meetings

38th Club Meeting, Monday March 25th, Salted Rim, 6:30pm

Presidential Primary April 2, 2024

38th Club Meeting, Monday April 22, Millville Town Hall, 6:30pm

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