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False Assumptions About CO2 Emissions and 38th Letter Writing Campaign

Congratulations Mighty 38th for coming out to hand write letters to DNREC Secretary and Governor Carney speaking out against the upcoming ban on traditional powered vehicles. We were able to get together our letters and we are thankful to our Representaive Ron Gray for making the delivery himself, thank you Rep Gray! If you would like the minutes of this meeting, please email and after approval by the Executive Board we can get them to you. If you would like to be a part of the approval process of the minutes process, let us know that too.

Here are some interesting concepts on the climate you might all find interesting, article by James Matkin, He is a self-proclaimed "most viewed writer" in climatology and carbon emissions in Quora. He is one of the editors of and active with posts on negotiation and climate

"The great false assumption about the campaign for net zero emission by humans of CO2 is the fact our emissions are dwarfed by natural sources of this planet. This means if all humans became extinct immediately, there would not be an appreciable decline in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

You will get a good sense of this from the data about the continued rise in CO2 during the highest days of the world wide lockdown that much reduced any human sourced emission.

This means it is a little silly to worry about which is more planes or cars. They are together only minuscule when compared to natural sources of CO2 from ocean outgassing, volcano eruptions, underground coal seams and wildfires etc. Fossil fuel emissions are totally dwarfed by these natural sources beyond our control.

As to so called greenhouse gases again CO2 natural is dwarfed by water vapor and as best is only 20% of the GHG and this means human component at 3 x 20 is 0.6%.

When you consider how small human emissions are in the big picture surely you must pause to think anything you do to reduce are emission is fruitless.

All the effort to reach net zero human emission is wiped out by a major wild fire or volcano. Therefore comparing planes with cars is mostly irrelevant as in both cases the CO2 emission are less than 3%."

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