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Meeting 38th Republican Club - 5/22/2023 - EV Mandate Letter Writing Campaign with Talking Points

Updated: May 29, 2023

Come out and join your fellow Conservative Warriors and attend our 38th District Republican Club meeting on Monday, May 22, at the South Coastal Library on Kent Ave in Bethany Beach, at 6:30 p.m. Reminder to EDC's, election to occur at 6:00 p.m.

For this meeting, we have elected to change our format somewhat to coincide and mirror the grassroots call to action that Rep. Rich Collins is conducting on the same date, to send physical form letters to DNREC and Governor Carney, regarding the electric vehicle mandate and ban on gas powered vehicles by DNREC. We will have the printed form letters ready for members to fill out, with plenty of relevant talking points for your letters. Please bring $2 to cover the cost of stamps and envelopes and the Club will mail the letters for you! We thank Rep. Collins for taking this initiative and utilizing the power of the people to make our voices heard! If you can't make the meeting, please email and we will email the form letters to you. You can also print this PDF of the form letter.

EV Meeting Comment Form
Download PDF • 102KB

Snail mail your letters to:

Attn: Theresa Newman Governor Carney

DNREC Office of the Secretary Carvel State Office Building

89 Kings Highway Dover 19901 820 N. French Street, 12, Floor

Wilmington, DE 19801


See below: These are all great points and true, but unlikely to influence the deep state Marxists, because it is more about control than the issues. And they won't believe any of these points as well. They act like unruly teens that are making rules for their elderly parents. And how I treat unruly teens is to let them know there are consequences for their actions.

You do NOT have the authority to regulate what mode of transportation I choose as I free American and I will NOT comply with any such mandate.

I will work to remove you from office and to remove those who attempt to enforce unlawful and unconstitutional mandates like you do.

There WILL BE consequences for this action.

"I am actually shocked that the governor would even attempt to impose such a far-reaching, incredibly disruptive mandate on the people of this state without a vote." - John Riley

1. There has been a serious lack of effort to communicate this issue to the taxpayer/consumers of the state.

2. This mandate is the most extensive assault on our free enterprise system in history without a vote.

3. The policy will create a hardship from a cost and convenience standpoint and will fall heaviest on those who are uninformed and least able to afford it.

4. This will cause widespread disruption to our small businesses (gas stations, auto repair, etc.) who will have their lives and business model turned upside down.

5. There is an almost infinitesimal benefit to the environment from all this disruption. The data on this is compelling: according to the Wall Street Journal, transportation is only 20% of emissions, but cars (the focus of this mandate) represent less than 6%. While personal vehicles may be the majority of cars, they account for a minority of light-vehicle emissions. So, everyone in Delaware will have their lives disrupted so politicians can say they are doing something for the environment while the Chinese continue to spew carbon into the air while choking off the supply of rare earth minerals needed to make batteries.

6. There are numerous additional unknowns related to costs, i.e., potential increased cost of repairs of gasoline-powered cars as everything is forced to shift, cost of gasoline during the transition, cost of EVs as demand ramps up, especially with our dependency on unfriendly countries for battery materials.

7. The serious challenges and uncertainties of long-distance travel mostly due to battery charging times and waiting in line to even use chargers.

8. The challenge of disposing of millions of these thousand-pound batteries.

I am not against electric vehicles, but the answer to this is to let the market work. Elite Vs already have the advantage of subsidies and national policy behind them. Car manufacturers are being forced to build EVs by our federal government and misguided state policies.

Let the people – the consumer – decide, not policy makers. At a minimum, delay adopting this mandate for at least five years to better assess the benefits and challenges of implementing such a policy.

John Riley is a Delaware author, former interim CEO of the Delaware Prosperity Partnership and former Ashland executive.



Similar models of electric vehicles cost $10,000 to $15,000 more than their combustion engine counterparts.

Replacing the battery in an electric vehicle is estimated to cost nearly $16,000 - $25,000.

Constraining the supply of traditional vehicles will result in higher costs for those cars and trucks also.


Battery performance is inconsistent when the weather is particularly hot or cold.

Vehicle ranges are reduced when carrying heavy loads like trailers and work equipment. Expect the cost of any service that involves heavy equipment to increase.

Long range road trips will be severely inconvenienced by the need to stop more frequently for extended times to recharge.


Vehicle fires involving electric vehicles are much more dangerous for emergency personnel and others near a burning vehicle.

Reliability and capacity of the electricity grid is already in question before the dramatic increase in electricity demand the mandate will require. In California, where this policy is adopted from, government already has asked residents to refrain from charging their vehicles during periods of high electric usage.

Living in Sussex County, we are vulnerable to evacuation orders and would be stranded if EV's were mandated.

Mining for the materials required for EV’s, particularly cobalt, poses particular ethical issues around the human rights abuses of mining in the Congo. AKA "Blood Batteries"

The difficulty of disposing of millions of these thousand pound batteries.


The effects of this mandate will be particularly harmful to families and individuals with low-income levels. Consider:

Transportation costs will increase. The lower income a person has, the higher proportion of their income it takes to pay their transportation costs.

Costs to recharge vehicles will be higher at commercial locations available to the public than they will be at home charging stations. The higher income person is more likely to have access to home charging.

A general increase in transportation costs adds a barrier to obtaining a job at any distance from one’s residence. Individuals who live distant from thriving, successful businesses will have fewer opportunities to obtain well-paying jobs.

Many of our citizens are one fixed incomes, are just starting their families and careers, and some are small business owners, who cannot afford the high-ticket price of EV's and this cost should not be redistributed to other Delaware taxpayers.


Delaware air has never been cleaner and Delaware is already fully compliant with Environmental Protection Agency standards. Delaware is NOT California, yet the State legislature has delegated their authority to regulate specific vehicle mandates to DNREC, which plans to follow California EV mandate laws.

It is unconstitutional for the legislature to delegate the authority of law making that is VESTED in the legislature. Article 2 Section 1: The legislative power of this state shall be vested in a general assembly, which shall consist of a Senate and House of representatives.

There are other options for clean vehicular emissions, such as hybrid vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells.

Included for your consideration, What is Good is Evil, what is Evil is Good. Thanks Shirley!


I. Call to order 6:30pm

II. Prayer

III. Pledge of Allegiance

IV. President’s Welcome

I. New Business

A. Vice President’s Report

Featured Business - MaGee Farms, Selbyville

B. Treasurer’s Report

C. Secretary Report

VI. President's Report

A. RDC position and EDC positions

A. EV "Elite" Vehicle Mandate Letter Writing Campaign

VII. Guest Speaker - Senator Hocker, Senate Minority Leader, History of the 38th District Republican Club

VIII. State Elected Officials Reports

A. Rep. Ron Gray

B. County Councilman Doug Hudson

X. Member's Mic

XI. Upcoming Events

XII. Adjournment 8p.m.

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